Must have kitchen items

We can all agree that if a home were a spaceship, then the kitchen would be the engine room, and for a spaceship to perform the best, then the engine room should be well furnished and maintained. To keep everyone fed, healthy, and happy; you need to keep your kitchen well stocked and furnished with all the best tools to ensure that work is done efficiently.

Every home has unique needs, but there are some items that are needed universally. If you are wondering what basic items you should equip your kitchen with, then here is a short list to help you get started.

Basic items for your kitchen


A pan is a very basic need. If you are looking to fry or scramble some eggs in the morning, then you should have at least one pan. It can also be used to cook some other foods, or even warm previously cooked meals if you would rather not use a microwave.

Sauce pots

If you like preparing soups then the second thing on your kitchen shopping list should be a sauce pot, and one with a lead. Get a more than one to be on the safe side. Especially during cold season, you will need to prepare warm soups and warm your body. A sauce pot is the tool cut out for this tiring work.


There are some foods that will not be eaten any other way than grated. Make sure to get a durable grater for your kitchen.

Pressure cooker

There are some foods that take really long to cook. Cooking under pressure makes the whole process much faster. If you are boiling beans, or even cooking meat, then you better get a pressure cooker.

Cutting board

Every once in a while you need to chop some foods before you prepare them. Tomatoes, onions, carrots just to name a few. To properly slice these common foods and use them for your cooking, you will need a good chopping board or several of them. Basically there are two types, plastic or wooden. Take some time to consider the material that you find suitable for your needs.

Measuring spoons

Sometimes when cooking, we need to measure spices or any other cooking ingredient. Rather than estimating the measurements using a teaspoon, it is much better to get a set of measuring spoons. This will make your work much easier and help enhance your meals to use precise ingredients.


When eating psndvknslkdnvlksndlvknlskadnvlknsadlkvsadvasdhome cooked meals, it is always good to top it up with some fresh smoothie or blended juice. This is why you need a god heavy duty blender.